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The Laws

Herein one finds the growing list of "McGee's nth Laws".

There is another person -- a McGee, presumably -- who also formulated a "First Law".  I don't know which is older (mine is c. 1997), but as I am courteous, there are therefore two First Laws and zero Second Laws.

McGee's First Lawa (native version):

Everything is more complicated than it at first appears to be, even when McGee’s First Law is taken into account.

McGee's First Lawb (alien version):

It’s amazing how long it takes to complete something you’re not working on.

McGee's Third Law:

There are strict dichotomies in formal logic.  They exist nowhere else, including in McGee's Third Law.

McGee's Fourth Law:

If you cannot find something you had in your hand just a moment ago, chances are it’s under the cat.

McGee's Fifth Law:

Computer programmers are most productive when they're supposed to be doing something else.

McGee's Sixth Law:

Everything is collectible.

McGee's Seventh Law:

In software, you have two choices: you can pay for shit, or you can get great stuff for free.

McGee's Eighth Law:

There is no realm in which connoisseurship is impossible.

McGee's Ninth Law:

Alienating half your potential audience quadruples the respect from the other half.

McGee's Tenth Law:

Someone has already run the numbers, and they are not in your favor.

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