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Using Adblock Plus?

Adblock Plus is an awesome Firefox add-on.  Through very clever text matching and close integration with the browser, it allows ads on webpages to be suppressed while presenting the rest of the content.

I use it.  But I am asking you to disable it for this site.

I have Google ads on my blog posts, which, while they bring in a very small amount of money, do bring in money.  Google's algorithms are supposed to help guarantee that the ads are contextually-relevant: that is, that they relate to the information found in the blog posts.  When someone clicks on them, I earn money.  If you don't see the ads, you can't click.  I'm not begging you to click, but I'm asking you to allow a couple of text-only ads to show up on the content you read, and, if they are useful for you, we both win.

How to do this?  It's easy.  Click on the "ABP" down-arrow icon and select "Disable on".  The icon in the default installation should be to the right of your search box, probably near the top of your toolbars, above the page you are currently reading.

Thank you, and enjoy the site: my passion and my online home.

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