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Helen Keller on Education and Tolerance

"The highest result of education is tolerance. Long ago men fought and died for their faith; but it took ages to teach them the other kind of courage, — the courage to recognize the faiths of their brethren and their rights of conscience." — Helen Keller


Just when you thought you had mastered cross-browser testing…

Just when you thought you had mastered cross-browser testing, emoji come along

Just when you thought you had mastered cross-browser testing, emoji come along


Posers and Republicans


This is a Nirvana T-shirt

If you:
Don't own any Nirvana albums
Hate women, gays, or minorities
Detest rock music
And call yourself a Nirvana fan anyway…

Then fuck you, poser

This is a Christian Cross

If you:
Deny rights to the vulnerable
Ignore the sick and needy
Despise immigrants
And call yourself a Christian anyway…

Then fuck you, Republican


Bob McDonnell on the importance of being a Christian elected official

It is such a joy to watch this guy crash and burn.


I understand the real importance of being Christian elected official, that it's not just what you say but it's also the style of how you say it, and acting in a degree of civility.

From the Garden of Eden… we believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and other forms of relationships are just not gonna be recognized in Virginia. 

— Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, convicted of 11 counts of corruption after his "I have a broken marriage" defense failed.


Would YOU do something?

A deity without the power to act is not worthy of worship.  A deity without the interest to act is not worthy of respect.  A deity without the evidence of action is not worthy of belief.

Given the means and opportunity, would you intervene?  Wouldn't anyone?