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Bob McDonnell on the importance of being a Christian elected official

It is such a joy to watch this guy crash and burn.


I understand the real importance of being Christian elected official, that it's not just what you say but it's also the style of how you say it, and acting in a degree of civility.

From the Garden of Eden… we believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and other forms of relationships are just not gonna be recognized in Virginia. 

— Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, convicted of 11 counts of corruption after his "I have a broken marriage" defense failed.


Would YOU do something?

A deity without the power to act is not worthy of worship.  A deity without the interest to act is not worthy of respect.  A deity without the evidence of action is not worthy of belief.

Given the means and opportunity, would you intervene?  Wouldn't anyone?


Batman called…

Batman called. He says "Make your own damned sandwich"


Pardon me while I win the Internet

In the wee hours of this morning, I was awoken by chimes from the Twitter app on my iPhone that almost became a single long beep.  It was retweets and favorites of my tweet about 'the meaning of life'

Why?  Because Richard Dawkins retweeted it!

Richard Dawkins Retweet

I love some of the responses:


What’s wrong with colleges these days?!

What's wrong with colleges these days?! Fewer and fewer students are meeting our maximum intelligence requirements.