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Spoon Shrine

NEW!  A similar spoon has been found!

There can be little doubt: there has never been a better cooking spoon or spatula in the history of the universe.

At first I did not fully comprehend the greatness of this tool. During the summer of 1997 I began to scour garage sales in search of second-hand kitchen equipment to outfit my new kitchen. I found many bargains and many great tools, but I would not have expected that my most astounding find would have cost a mere $0.10.

I encountered The Spoon among perhaps half a dozen other wooden implements, sitting on a card table dedicated to kitchen wares. I bought three or four of the items, including The Spoon because of its unusual appearance.

I took it home and cleaned it. Upon my first use, I discovered how truly wonderful The Spoon actually is. The photographs cannot do it justice, but notice the ergonomic, shapely handle ... the bowl's cupped base and smooth, tapered sides ... the fine hardwood construction. If you look carefully at the picture in the upper-right, you will see the concentric rings as they travel up the carved knob on the handle. If only you could feel The Spoon you would remark on its smoothness, its perfect balance in the hand, its sturdy nobility. Holding it to your nose, you would smell ginger, clove, and merlot wine.

I doubt there has ever been a tool better suited for mixing batter, stirring pasta, cream of rice, soup, or mulled wine, or gently scraping the inside of a ceramic bowl. I use The Spoon nearly every time I am in the kitchen. Recently I have begun to worry. The ends of The Spoon are becoming rough and frayed. Dark spots are appearing that may be future locations for rot. The Spoon has not yet split, but that specter haunts me. I keep my eyes open for another spoon like this every time I am shopping, but I have yet to find anything remotely like it. I decided to assemble this shrine before it is too late. I would happily have an army of twenty of these spoons, at which point I would retire my friend and mount him on the wall to live out his days in peace.

I am proposing a finder's fee for more of these spoons. It may well be that The Spoon is the product of a bygone era and that nothing of its caliber is produced today. But on the chance that this is not the case, the first person who provides a commercial source for at least four of these spoons will receive a reward equal to...

Thank you to those who found cousins of The Spoon!  The Web rocks!  The best seems to be the Mashed Potato Spoon from Kitchen Carvers:

Wooden Spoon / Mashed Potato Spoons

Mashed Potato wooden spoon

This was discovered by readers Laura T., Beth T., and Iain M.  A couple of carvers offered to custom-make copies as well.  Thank you, everyone!

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