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Want to advertise on a quality blog?  With a readership built over ten years, can help boost your sales, further your cause, promote your product, or whatever else you are setting out to do — all while boosting your Google PageRank.  The site has a dedicated subscriber base (mostly American, Canadian, and British readers) and plentiful search engine traffic.

Advertising Options

  • On Individual Blog Posts: Ads have both graphical and textual components, and are placed between the post body and the comments section.  They replace the default ad that appears in this position.  See Passages Malibu's advertisement for an example of how great a well-crafted ad can look on the site.

    The price schedule is as follows:

    • 12 months guaranteed placement, up to 100 words plus a banner: $15 for the first post, $3 for each additional post (with same ad content). will host your banner for no additional charge if you would like.
    • 30 months guaranteed placement, as above: $30 for the first post, $5 for each additional post.

    All ads will receive a free post in the RSS comments feed announcing a new paid ad on the post, so that website subscribers will be alerted to your advertisement.

  • Site Sponsorship: Your advertisement will show up on every page on the site, in the sidebar on the right, "above the fold".  Each request is individually evaluated for site appropriateness.  Pricing varies.

  • Product Reviews: If you wish your product to be reviewed on, please offer a unit, sample, login, etc. of a commercial product.  If accepted it will be reviewed in a blog post. will identify that the product has been provided for free.


For blog post and site sponsorship, send email to with:

  • Desired ad text (up to 100 words, URLs not counted)
  • Desired banner ad (link or attached file)
  • Desired ad duration
  • Desired URL(s) on which to advertise
  • Paypal email address, if different from sending email address

You will have a chance to preview your ad before payment.  After approval, you will receive a Paypal invoice at the specified email address.

For product review inquiries, send email to and request a submission kit.


If discontinues your ad before the agreed-upon date, you will receive a pro rata refund of the remaining time.  You may also discontinue your advertisement at any point, but will not receive a refund for unused time.

Important Notes

There is a strong line on between editorial and advertising content.  Readers need to trust facts, figures, and recommendations on the site.  Requests for placement within a post (including hyperlinking of words), as a "Really Cool Site", or anywhere else readers except unbiased content, will be rejected.  Advertisements are subject to editorial approval, and not all will be accepted.

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