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My recycled tweets for 2010-01-21

  • McGee's Ninth Law: Alienating half your potential audience quadruples the respect from the other half. #
  • Tomorrow, overflow #closegitmo with a message to @BarackObama @Whitehouse. #guantanomo #p2 #
  • OFFS. #Mongolia has mothballed the #deathpenalty. The country of Genghis Kahn is more liberal than the U.S. now. #
  • When I started, I urged people to check out #Google, as no one knew what it was. What's an "Internet year"? A century? #
  • They forgive everything but greatness. These are scoundrel days. -- a-ha #aha #music #
  • Valu-Mart in San Gabriel, CA is selling bottles of 151° rum for $7.99. In related news, I am drinking too much 151° rum. #

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