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Vedder Tuesday ⅩⅨ: Dead Man

When the film Dead Man Walking was in production, director Tim Robbins commissioned tracks from a number of artists for the soundtrack.  Vedder shows up twice, once with a version of "Long Road" and once on a wonderful track called "The Face of Love", both with the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.  This week's VT is a song that was passed over in favor of Bruce Springsteen's (much less impressive-to-me) "Dead Man Walkin'".  My favorite moment is when it is ambiguous whether "across" or "a cross" is being sung.

Dead Man

Sailing on my every step
Inching off of the earth
It’s magnified by the things I've done
The thing that I've become

Every lift of my hand --
Coffee cup up and back --
Is magnified by the things I've done
The things I've seen, the things I've caused
I'm a dead man walking

The hammer that I once brought down now hovers over me
Casts a shadow, across/"a cross" onto me

The hallways are all mocking me
What I've become -- they're all mocking me

I'm a dead man walking.  A dead man walking.  A dead man walking.
I'm a dead man walking.  Dead man walking.  Dead man walking.

Same bat-time!

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