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Vedder Tuesday ⅩⅦ: Off He Goes

Know a man
His face seems pulled and tense
Like he's riding on a motorbike
In the strongest winds
So I approach with tact
Suggest that he should relax
But he's always moving much too fast

Said he'll see me on the flip side
On this trip he's taken for a ride
He's been taking too much on
There he goes with his perfectly unkempt clothes
There he goes

He's yet to come back
But I've seen his picture
It doesn't look the same upon the rack
We go way back

I wonder 'bout his insides
It's like his thoughts are too big for his size
He's been taken; where, I don't know
Off he goes with his perfectly unkempt clothes
There he goes

And now I rub my eyes, for he has returned!
It seems my preconceptions are what should have been burned!
For he still smiles.  And he's still strong.
Nothing's changed but the surrounding bullshit
That has grown

And now he's home and we're laughing
Like we always did, my same old, same old friend
Until a quarter to ten
I saw the strain creep in
He seems distracted and I know just what is going to happen next

Before his first step
He's off again

(Sooner than two years this time, OK?  Love you.  Miss you.)

One Response to Vedder Tuesday ⅩⅦ: Off He Goes

  1. Bob Mike says:

    Favorite Pearl Jam song. Nothing else much to say about it.

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