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Vedder Tuesday Ⅻ: Sometimes

I've got a treat for readers this week: I converted (YouTube) videos from the 2009-10-06 Los Angeles Pearl Jam concert to mp3 and I'm making them available for your downloading pleasure.  Why should you especially care about this concert?  Well -- Ben Harper playing slide guitar on "Red Mosquito"?  Jerry Cantrell playing a second "Alive" solo?  Chris Cornell joining PJ onstage for a reunion of Temple of the Dog, and the band performing "Hunger Strike"?  A string quartet joining the band for three songs, including (for real) an acoustic version of "Lukin"?  If those descriptions do't prompt you to download, you're going to have to go sit in the hallway.  (The two tracks that are missing -- "Comatose" and "Save You" -- are missing in the source.)

That show begins with "Sometimes".  I've always loved the lyrics, especially as the beginning of a concert (it also begins the album No Code).  It seems an entirely reasonable song for the twelfth installment of this series.

Large fingers pushing paint
You're God and you've got big hands
The colors blend:
The challenges you give man

Seek my part
Devote myself
My small self
Like a book amongst the many on a shelf

Sometimes I know
Sometimes I rise
Sometimes I fall
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes I cringe
Sometimes I live
Sometimes I walk
Sometimes I kneel
Sometimes I speak of nothing at all
Sometimes I reach to myself, dear God

Seriously, download the concert.

10 Responses to Vedder Tuesday Ⅻ: Sometimes

  1. Oh.  Huh.  The videos are available in "high quality" at YouTube with 44.1kHz sample rate, which is double the "low-quality" versions I used.  So I'd like to do the conversions again.

  2. Karina says:

    Back with a vengeance! Will download later on today, sir.

  3. Wait until I post here that I've uploaded the higher res versions.  They're much better, and I'm converting them now.  :-)

  4. Oh, uh, by the way, it's been ready for about 15 hours.

  5. OK.  Maybe some day I'll be able to listen to that performance of "The End" without sobbing.  Wow.  That wrecks me.

  6. At the end of "Given To Fly":

    Singing that, I can't help thinking about Barack Obama.  We voted him in, we gave him the keys to the fucking plane, now let's let him fucking fly the thing.  Stop shooting arrows and bombs at him!

    Yeah, kick ass, Ed.

  7. Karina says:

    Sure, kicks ass...Too bad we keep on waiting for the plane to depart, but nothing happens.

    I can't believe Ed ruined my song by talking. :| About to download...

  8. Karina says:

    Oh "Unthought Known" live! :D

  9. Too bad we keep on waiting for the plane to depart, but nothing happens.

    I'm not exactly sure we're living on the same planet -- but that's OK.  I'm sure there are interesting things on your planet, too.  :-)

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