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My recycled Tweets for 2009-11-14

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2 Responses to My recycled Tweets for 2009-11-14

  1. Bob Mike says:

    Apparently "Rural people are evil, bloodthirsty, inhuman monsters" is a bona-fide #horror #film #genre. #Classism w00t! #

    This goes back at least to Lovecraft. People always remember his writing as having a serious racist bent (no question, it did), but not as many people remember how harsh he was regarding hill folk and farmers.

  2. This goes back at least to Lovecraft.

    I'm pretty sure we can take it comfortably back to Homer.  But I still think that the Horrorfest's dedicating 12.5% of their films every year to this is, to say the least, tiring.

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