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Vedder Tuesday Ⅵ: Satan’s Bed

I am, it seems, taking requests now.  The fact that Vedder Tuesday is popular enough to warrant that is awesome.  I actually had one planned for today, off of the same album (the seminal Vitalogy), but the request is very good, too -- a live-concert song for quite a while before the release of the album, during which time it was known (at least among fans) by the title Already In Love.

Very, very angry, and the Gossardian riff is like an unstoppable locomotive pulling the song through the murky grunge morass.  I once (accidentally) shared the song with a music professor, who liked it a great deal, and said that the band clearly had a lot of experience improvising live, laying down a progression and modifying it as they went.

It's not all been said, been said and done
I've never slept in Satan's bed
Although, I must admit, still visits my place
Uninvited; as you know he don't wait
Funny how he always seems to fit in
Funny how I always want to give in
Sundays, Fridays, Tuesdays, Thursdays the same
Sometimes the special guest, he don't like to leave

Already in love
Already in love
Already in love

Who made, who made up, who made up the myth
That we were born to be covered in bliss?
Who set the standard, born to be rich?
Such fine examples, skinny little bitch!
Model, role model?  Roll some models in blood!
Get some flesh to stick, so they look like us
I shit and I stink, I'm real, join the club
I'd stop and talk, but I'm already in love

Already in love
Already in love
Already in love

Never shook Satan's hand, look, see for yourself
You'd know it if I had, that shit don't come off
I'll rise and fall, let me take credit for both
Jump off a cliff, don't need your help so back off
I'll never suck Satan's dick;
Again, you'd see it, you know, right round the lips
I'll wait for an angel, but I won't hold my breath
Imagine they're busy, think I'm doing okay

Already in love
Already in love
Already in love

3 Responses to Vedder Tuesday Ⅵ: Satan’s Bed

  1. It took me hearing this song live to realize just how amazing it is. And it's pretty damn amazing. The riff is heaven-sent, the vocals are devastating, the rage is palpable. It's in my head more than is probably healthy.

    At that performance, after he sang "Such fine examples, skinny little bitch?" Vedder scream-mumbled as only he can "Uh, Paris Hilton". Ha. A moment of funny in a sea of rawk.

    This song rules.

  2. We should ask him what Satan tastes like…


    Pretty ironic that he ended up with a model himself

    Yes, that he did.  I was on the USENET group at the time he started seeing a model (same model?) after the Beth divorce.  And the people most agitated about it were all women.  One was feeling hurt because he had betrayed the lyrics of this song.  Another was lauding him for evolving and realizing that models were people too (for real).  But the taker of the cake was a man whose post, in its entirety, was:

    P-R-I-V-A-C-Y is priceless to me

  3. Karina says:

    Pretty ironic that he ended up with a model himself. We should ask him what Satan tastes like...

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