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Vedder Tuesday Ⅱ: In My Tree

Second week -- for a new tradition, I've made it past "one", which is always an accomplishment.

Up here in my tree
Newspapers matter not to me
No more crowbars to my head
I'm trading stories with the leaves instead

I wave to all my friends
They don't seem to notice me
All their eyes trained on the street
Sidewalks, cigarettes, and scenes

Up here so high I start to shake
Up here so high the sky I scrape
I'm so high I hold just one breath
here within my chest,
just like innocence.

I remember when
I swore I knew everything
They say knowledge is a tree
It's growing up just like me

I'm so light, the wind he shakes.
I'm so high, the sky I scrape.
I'm so light I hold just one breath
and go back to my nest
sleep with innocence.

Up here so high, the boughs they beak
Up here so high, the sky I scrape.
Had my eyes peeled both wide open
And I caught a glimpse
of my innocence,
got back my inner sense.

Got it
Still got it

6 Responses to Vedder Tuesday Ⅱ: In My Tree

  1. Bob Mike says:

    It's an ok tree, I guess, but my garage has a Dungeon Master's Guide. Also, a twelve-sided die.

  2. My storage shed has nightcrawlers.  Close enough?

    Thanks for the disillusionment, by the way.  I was under the impression that no one read me write these posts, as I write these stupid words.

    (Gawd, there must be casual readers who think we're high, eh?  I mean, for the wrong reasons.)

    By the way: When Undone: The Sweater Song started being played in the "underground" corner of KROQ, I told my friends, "This band is going to be huge."  They laughed (about my ways).  I was right.  At least, that they had sold their souls for The Blue Album.  After that?  They can keep their hash pipe, thanks.

  3. If you're friends of [Bob Mike's], then you're friends with me.  I wanted to get that out of the way.

  4. I got a poem published in an award-winning university literary magazine entitled On Adopting a Tree.  It references this song (the Veddeer).  It also mentions Loreena McKennitt, libraries, and public radio.  And, except for one line, it fucking sucks.  No, I won't transcribe it here.

    But if someone -- anyone -- asks to see the one poem I ever wrote that I think doesn't suck, I'll post it. It's a sonnet.  But if it actually does suck, I'll blame it on your bloody cheek for asking (the latter could be arranged).  Taker(s)?

  5. Karina says:

    No Code is my least favorite Pearl Jam album. There, I said it. :| It's not that I don't think it's good, I think it's a great album, but I just don't get it yet. Plus, I've never taken the time to really give it a listen.

    OH. Did you get the new Pearl Jam CD? I got mine yesterday. "Just Breathe" stood out to me.

  6. Karina says:

    Anyone who quotes Weezer is alright in my book.

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