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Just a bit of tidying and name-dropping: has started accepting entire-site sponsors.  There are three so far, and this is just a shout-out -- I'm not trying to get new advertisers here, and you're welcome to move right along.

Superior Titanium has some really cool products for sale.  I don't like the business card cases (at all) but the money clips and guitar picks are awesome -- the latter give an immensely satisfying "thunk" sound on my Les Paul.

ForexYard is a Cyprus-based foreign currency exchange site.  They are completely unvetted by me.  They show up all over the Internet with good reviews, but considering how actively they courted me, this may mostly be astroturfing.  They are offering me obscene amounts of money for referring people who open accounts, however -- and I've actually violated my longstanding barrier between editorial and advertising content to change the link in a post about forex to post to them, rather than to a competitor.  Please advise if they are scoundrels.

Shoplet is the final new site sponsor, and they seem an entirely above-board office supplier: I've placed an order, half of which has arrived safely, and half of which will ship soon.  I'll follow this up with more info.

And finally, Mozy, an online backup solution (which apparently gives you free online backups for $4.95 per month [?]) is advertising on a blog post about my not backing up data.

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