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Google AdSense is Back

I'm back to whoring out  If you go to the Real Actual SiteTM (I know tons of you read with a feed reader) you will see them on the right.

Their contextual placement has gotten much, much better since I last used AdSense, and I've chilled a bit about the New-Agers and religionists advertising on my atheism posts.

So, a game (the kind of game that no one ever plays): What's the most wrong match, in an amusing fashion?  For instance, on my Tunguska post there are two ads selling bread boxes.  Winner gets a year's ad time if five or more people play.

What is profoundly and deeply not a game is to see who can click on the most ad links.  Really.  That would be cheating, and would serve no other purpose than to give me money to feed myself and repay loans.  Don't go clicking on advertisements willy-nilly.  Got it?

2 Responses to Google AdSense is Back

  1. Oh, and very important: if you see something offensive in a Google ad, let me know.  Note the URL at the bottom of the ad, and I'll blacklist it.

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