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Scottish Gaelic translation help sought

I'm looking for someone who can do some simple, short translations from English into Scottish Gaelic.  Fluent speakers, please, preferably Scottish (rather than Canadian).  I can pay you or, preferably, if you have a freelance translation service, I can give you a free ad on this site — one year for every 15 minutes of translation time on your part.

Can anyone help?

3 Responses to Scottish Gaelic translation help sought

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  2. Jessica says:

    Can anyone translate "The only person that can defeat me is myself" into Scottish-Gaelic? Thank you.

  3. jhon ross says:

    tha sine 34 agus tha i posda le dithis ghillean. tha i ag obair anns a'bhanca a'bhaile. bidh aodach gorm oirre aig a h-obair, seacaid agus sgiort ghorm le blobhsa geal no bloshsa gorm agus geal. tha an t-aodach seo cofhurtail ach chan eil e uabhasach snasai. bu toil leatha aodach spaideil agus fasanta a chur oirre an uair nach eil i ag obair.

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