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In love with Ariel

I had contended for years that I so loved the flavors of my favorite alcoholic beverages that, were they available non-alcoholically (or Star Trek syntheholically), I would actually drink much, much more, and that I actually don't enjoy inebriation.  Only one person called me a liar to my face, but I'm not sure anyone else really believed me.

Well, Ariel non-alcoholic vintage Cabs have made a truth-teller out of me.  I love the stuff.  It doesn't taste fake, it doesn't taste like juice, it just tastes like wine with a little less body.  The flavor is exquisite.  It's less caloric than wine, less caloric than juice or soda, and probably is still full of antioxidants.  When I have it around, I drink a whole bottle in one go, usually Vedder-style, straight from the bottle.  The only thing limiting my intake is price, and that's only about six bucks per bottle.  Otherwise it would probably be the only thing I'd ever drink.  Try it if you haven't.

I'm going to be very suspicious of anyone other than "regulars" posting about other non-alcoholic wines they like, as I know this is a fierce marketplace and there are likely to be plants.  But if you are one of Ariel's competitors, feel free to advertise: I'll accept a case of dealcoholized product, postpaid, for 30 months' placement with all the bells and whistles.  Email me for my shipping address.  If you win my palate, you win my heart, and if you win my heart, you win my wallet — and you'd get a nice recommendation from me, on your wine, on this site (even if I didn't like your wine, I'd praise your wise investment.)  :)

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