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Please find me a leather wallet

Here's your Google-foo assignment: I'm looking for a serious, fancy leather wallet, one of the "lay flat" inner-coat-pocket types, not one of the bifold or trifold varieties trouser-pocket types.

It has to be long enough to hold currency notes, checks, tickets, passport, etc. flat, and should ideally have a metric assload of little sewn pockets for credit and ID cards, all arranged neatly in n columns, where n could be as low as one.  This panel can fold out/fold open/whatever.

For bonus points, photo display and a zipper pouch for a guitar pick (which I always carry with me).

Hand-tooled?  Moroccan leather?  Italian workmanship?  Requires oiling?  Sky's the limit.  Actually, about $200 is the limit.  Low-hanging-clouds-in-the-sky is the limit.  I could probably go to $300.  I want this shit to look good, something that says "Holy shit, that guy's got a wallet wallet!"

12 months' free advertising on this post (first placement, editor's discretion still applies) to the person who finds exactly what I desire.

2 Responses to Please find me a leather wallet

  1. I cannot exactly afford it now, of course, but please, someone find it.  I'm Googled out.

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