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Graphics programs

I used to be pretty decent with graphics programs, at least to do image manipulation.  Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, The GIMP, whatever.  Then the whole thing with layers came in, and I'm just fundamentally missing an idea.  I think it would take someone about five minutes to teach me the entire concept that I'm missing, the name and nature of which I don't even know.  Things that used to be simple, like outlining a selection and dragging it to somewhere else on the image, seem impossible now, especially in The GIMP.  There's not even a classic "hand" tool for moving stuff around.  Anyone want to teach me?

4 Responses to Graphics programs

  1. Jordon says:

    I was going to explain it because I thought I knew how, but apparently I don't. I thought you could just move a selection with the Move Tool, but it only moves the selection boundary, not what you've actually selected.

  2. Petra says:

    In Gimp, use the lasso tool to outline, then move the cursor the center of the selected area, then the tool will change function (and icon)--it will look like a mouse cursor with a diamond NSEW arrow thing.  (That N-S-E-W Arrow thing is on the toolbar, by the way, instead of the hand).  Click and drag. 

    It is best to do this stuff on duplicate layers though, or better yet, copy (instead of moving) the selection to a new transparent layer.  Then you can move that layer all over the place, and not damage the original.  Think of layers as that acetate dissect-a-frog in the back of the "F" World Book.

  3. Wow, Petra.  Thanks for the lesson, and the bizarre flashback to acetate frogs that's apparently in our shared memory.

    I thought that NSEW tool was a stretching thingy.

  4. Bob Mike says:

    Don't feel bad, Josh. I keep reading NSEW as "Not Safe For Work". Combined with all this talk about "The GIMP", this post takes on a very different feeling.

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