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Passing the torch

Irène Jacob turned 40 on Saturday.  Famke Janssen is 40, too.  Lena Olin is 51.  All the hottest actresses in Hollywood are over 40 now.

No big deal?  You must not mind getting old as much as I do.  Our fantasy women get older as we get older.  Bummer.

So maybe it's time for a new generation.  Christina Hendricks, A.J. Cook, Morena Baccarin, Michelle Williams (thinking of the Oscars here), and Keira Knightley are all '78ers or later.  Long may they live, and never get older than I.

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  1. says:

    The Torch Gallery of hot Hollywood actresses is now up to 55 entries.  I'm starting to begrudgingly accept that there are "plenty of very attractive young women out there now".

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