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My hamster died

My hamster died last week.  This was especially hard as Jennifer's died the week before.  We found Jennifer's in the morning, cold and rigid in her nest, and we took her out to bury her.  For my hamster, though, it was different.

Last Thursday evening, Jennifer called me at work and told me that she thought the hamster was dead.  This impacted me, but I had an important presentation the next day and needed to stay and finish it.  I tried to keep my mind off of it.  Fifteen minutes later Jenn called back and told me that she wasn't sure it was dead, that it seemed to be moving, and asked me to come home.

He was not doing well.  He was breathing very shallowly and infrequently.  He did not seem responsive.  When I picked him up, he opened his eyes and squirmed a little.  Jenn told me that was the most she had seen him move yet.

He looked like he did not have very long.  I held him and stroked him and tried to keep him awake.  I blew some air at him regularly.  I strongly believed he would not come out of this.  An hour later I decided I needed to hear it from someone else.  I took him to the animal hospital in town.  They agreed.

I took him home, made a small blanket out of fabric, kept him warm and kept stroking him.  His breathing was becoming increasingly strained.  His breath rattled, and after a certain point he made a little squeak at each breath.  I was an emotional wreck.  I held him for nearly two and a half hours in total.  He would breathe every ten seconds or so.  His final breath did not seem any different.  He just inhaled and never exhaled.  We buried him that night.

Life is precious.  I, as a vegan, try to live this concept in everyday life.  The hamster lived for fifteen months, enough time for me to bond but not long enough for the death to be understandable.  He had a personality.  He displayed curiosity.  He had goals and made efforts.  He was alive.

I miss him.

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Edit 2010-01-11: This new hamster friend of mine is not likely to die.  I keep him on my Google Desktop and play with him through the day.  It's surprisingly satisfying:

You can find the hamster's page at

341 Responses to My hamster died

  1. min says:

    around quarter to 1am i went to go play with my little white hamster and saw him lying on his back limp and dead. i couldnt belive what i saw. he managed to climb his wheel and get out of a hole in the aquarium. i have 3 cats and they got him. i should have kept my door closed. i miss him so much. his name was snowbelle. i have his brother too now hes the brown one in the picture below. i cant stop crying and missing him. he was only about 7 weeks old and i had him for 4-5 days.
    theres so much i wish i could have experienced with him.
    rip baby

  2. deer says:

    I got a hamster for my son's birthday. Soon he lost insterest in her and I became the only one to take care of her. i did not realize she is such a frigile animal until last night she fell on her cage and broke her back leg. it is swollen now.  it is my fault as i was holding her but she slipped out of my hand. i am very very worried that she may die because of this. she seems to be fine now, eating and sleeping, but i am dreadful of finding her dead, maybe tomorrow morning. hammies are such frigile animals, and they die of no reason, as least showing no signs. i am so worried. her name is daphie.

  3. Mike says:

    It sucks doesn't it.  My hamster Paco died yesterday.  It wasn't really a surprise but I still wasn't ready for it.  Paco had been acting funny for a couple of days so I took her to the vet who gave her a couple of injections.  The abdominal injection was horrific, but I ok'd it in the hope that it would make her better.  The next day she was behaving almost normally, she even had her little feet on the bars looking out like she used to when she wanted to be let out.  I regret not letting her out.  At the time I wanted her to rest and get better, but in retrospect it would have been her last run around the apartment.  Yesterday I brought her out to give her the antibiotics from the vet.  I had to force feed her with a syringe because she really didn't want to drink it.  I think the stress of it got her.  Less than a minute afterwards she stopped breathing normally and opened her mouth wide open.  She started convulsing/gasping every 5 seconds or so until she finally stopped.  There was a little bit of blood coming out of her mouth and her little eyes were wide open.  My poor little rat.  I figure she was at least 2 years and two months old.  My wife and I rescued her and her sister so we don't know exactly how old they are.  I wish Paco had died peacefully in her sleep, but at least I gave her the best life that I could.  RIP little mouse.  As a side note to all the other hammie fans, my hamster spent most of its life in a large rubbermaid container with clean play sand and around 6 feet of 2 inch PVC.  She really enjoyed digging around in it and loved exploring the tunnels.  The only down side is that when they die you end up with 30 feet of PVC and 150 Lbs of sand.  I'm tempted to get another Hammie so that the pieces don't go to waste, but right now I don't want to set myself up for another emotional goodbye.  My sympathies to all of the other little Hammie parents who've lost a little friend.

  4. shini says:

    i have only had my hamster for 2-3 months and he has broken his leg. it was all my fault! i let my brother handle him and it turned out that under 6's shouldn't really handle animals. the vet says that he is ok but hamsters bite them selves when they are stressed or in pain and if Tom Tom (my hamster bites his leg he might have to die. i only found out today and i feel so bad since i could have prevented this. i am beginnig to miss him but he is only in the living room! he was my very first hamster and i never got a chance to bond properly with him. :( plz dont die tom tom.

  5. Gabby says:

    my hamster died today :( it was so sad to see him go. He had been fine all week and suddenly got sick with weaping eyes and being tired and unstable, mum thought it was just a cold. We called the vet but she told us to keep him warm and hydrated so we encouraged him to drink by a syringe. But today as i held him, he rested his head on my hand and  he was weak. I felt helpless... He opened his mouth wide as if he couldnt get enough air but then died. :( i am so upset and will miss him so much. Everytime i think of him i cry.
    r.i.p Snuggles :(

  6. oriane says says:

    My hamster died today 26june 2007 i understand why she died. Her name was pompom. My mum called my and said that pompom died i couldn't belive it because i don't like animals when they die. And pompom had blood coming from her vagina. I think she was pregnent at the time. It now makes sence why she was getting blood and not being herself. I will aleays love her She was a syrine hamster and the best hamster. She would never bite any1 but just love you.
    And when i fink about this it makes my cry.......

    R.I.P pompom i will always love you 4ever.........................................................

  7. seniz says:

    dear oriane sorry about your hamster pompom michale  tolled me everthing about her .She still in your heart throw and remember there is hope in the world.

    from seniz

  8. Megan says:

    My hamster Chi chi is a good hamster. But last night I was playing with her out of her cage on this table. The table has a drawer and I opened it to get one of the treets that was stored in it. Well I did not no that my hamster jumped in to try to get some food and then I closed the drawer not nowing that Chi chi was in there. I then opened it again and there was Chi chi with her head stuck in the other side of the drawer and I could not get it out. I gave her head a little pull and it popped out. now her lip is swollen and she will not eat. What should I do??? I am really scared.

  9. Philip says:

    My girlfriend Amanda and I bought 2 russian dwarf hamsters about 4 weeks ago, we named them Betty & Hilda after the programme 'Ugly Betty' and they were approx 11 week old. On the morning of the 28th June my girlfriend phoned me up at work to tell me Betty was not well and she was not moving and had a large tummy. I told her to take her to the vet which she did, Betty was xrayed and given an injection of antibiotics and the lovely vet only charged her £15.00. Amanda then took her to work and she just lay in her little house with her eyes shut breathing heavily with no sign of improvement. I was going out with work that evening but came home to look after Betty as Amanda was working. I just had her next to me on the sofa all evening and I was feeding her water to her from my fingers. She was doing 180 degree movements in her bed and i was just willing her to get better but if she was really well she would be scampering about everywhere. When i went to bed i put her next to me and she was still breathing. Amanda got home about 11.30 and she was still alive but sadly she woke up at 4.00 in the morning to find her dead. It was a very sad morning and Amanda and i are both very upset and i feel very sad today. The thing is 2 night ago we fed Betty a tiny bit of  cold sausage but it had some garlic in it so we think it could have been that, that killed her, the thing is Hilda is doing fine. It is so sad to see their little breaths and then for them to die.

  10. seniz says:

    ihave got a hamster and it was bk=ledind and then it died but i t died srat after it had birh so i had a new little baby

  11. G says:

    i'd call up your vet and ask for some advice, or take your hamster to the vet. It is important your hamster eats and drinks or she could get worse.

  12. Victoria says:

    My hamster Digger Jr. died this morning. My boyfrien found him outside his little nest with his mouth open. When I picked him up his eyes were closed but he was still breething but very shallow like yorus. Then I laid him back down and he only too a few more breths and died. His mouth had blood in it. I dont know if that means anything? We think he may have had a stroke a few months ago because he was off balance on his right side. If anybody knows anything, please write me @

  13. Cesivel says:

    I Have A Hamster Named Bannana. Shes 5 Weeks Old. Shes Very Playful & I Love Her Soo Much. Shes So Energetic & I Love THat ABout Her. But I Get SO Worried That SHes Always Sleeping & Today I Dropped Her And She Froze & Then STarted Shaking. It Scared Me. Im So WOrried. Nd Upset. I Dont Want Her To Die. I Really Feel Sooo Calm And Happy Around Her. Shes A Yellow Teddy Bear Hamster. My Brother Also Owns A Hamster Her Names Panda. He Never Play With Her Or Feeds Her So I Take Care Of Her Too I Treta Her As If She Were Mine. THey're Really SMall. So Im Alway Freaking Out. I Alway Play With Them. & Im Saving My Money To Buy Some Hamster Toys [: . I'm Really Scared.. I Hope Bannana Is Okay. :'l Panda Seems Fine. Shes Very Calm. And I Can Just Sit Her On My Lap And Watch TV Without Worrying About Her Runniing Away. I Dont Have A Dg Or Cat Because Im Afraid That They'll Hurt Panda & Bannana. Im So Glad They're Still Living, But Im So So So So Sorry For Those Hamsters That Died. I Know Its Really Hard. I Hope You All Good Luck With Future Pets.

  14. marena says:

    sorry for what hapened but i went on vacation just a few days ago and my hamster escaped i dont know if he is dead or alive.but best wishes to all of you who had there hamster escape or dead...

  15. Rebecca says:

    I'm sorry for everyones hamster! I am 11, and my teddy bear hamster who lived for 3 years died 2 days ago and my fish died today. I am still very upset and feel overwhelemed and hopeless about it. he died of old age and and was my 4th hamster. He was cute and I potty trained him and he was on the large side and grey and white (in the winter some brown). What helps to think is that if you didn't get them, in the wild they would have lived for around 6 weeks. To those who have like 4-5 days living hamster, it is usually just a disease, not your fault. What should i do not to forget him, but not cry every time i think about him, i feel hopeless?

  16. Amber Baker says:

    im crying now :(
    a few months ago my hamster called queen dusty had died ive never had a feeling so painful im only 12 and i feel as if half of my heart has been ripped in two looking at other peoples comments have made me feel i am not alone. my hamster had an lovely life and i guess it was just time for her to say goodbye she was 4 years old and i new she was getting ill when i saw she was loseing her sight and balence i didnt want to make her uncomftable so i didnt take her to the vets i new wat was wrong i picked her up i said you can be free now its ok its time for you to go (im soo sorry im crying ) she must have understood me she went to sleep and never woke up againg the next day i burried her amd i had 2 dispose of her cage ive never felt so much pain.

    bye dusty im always thinking of you in good times or bad
    love you mummy xxxxx

  17. sadie says:

    itts ok my hamster dies this moprning it so sad im crying my eyes out but just think of that hes in a better place now!!

  18. Vinny Oliveri says:

    My golden hamster Snoopy past away last saturday...he was 2 years and 8 months..Out of 4 hamsters I had since i was in 2nd grade this one was the best. It never bit anyone and was extremely friendly and smart. If he didnt have any food left he would always let me know it by kicking around his bowl loud so i could hear it... If he had very little water left he would squeak real loud so that i could hear it as just was a rare and unique hamster... He started getting sick about 2 weeks ago....At first it seemed like a common cold runny nose teary eyed..just always sleeping...So i tried giving him bread with cod liver oil but that apparently didnt work he was getting worse....I called the vet and closest appointment was about 2 weeks for him..i hesitated but mde the appointmet...Every night i would go into bed wrap him up in a blanket sleep with him till he woke me up by brushing against my neck everytime....then further down the road he would sleep the whole night with me in the blanket... until i woke up....about a week before he died he would not drink so i would take him out and hold the bottle in front of him and he would only drink that way....The last morning i woke up i checked on him he was cold but still alert and breathing..I went out for my birthday and came home that night and my mother was standing by his cage saying he had passed.. I examined him and he was still breathing...I picked him up cause i knew this was the final moments i was going o spend with him...he looked at me and i kissed him on the head..I then put him in the blanket to keep him warm and not after a second i put him down he gasped then passed on...Im still grieving ove rthe loss of this pet i just cant shake it off... I bought a new hamster a few days ago but it def is no Snoopy.... Snoopy will be missed...

  19. Amber Baker says:

    omg i feel so sorry for you i felt the edsca same i felt as if i was 2 blame then i read evrey 1's commets and i relised im not alone and nore are you vinny or sadie, rebeca
    and evrey 1 else out their if you want 2 wight normel commets u can and we can all talk about it as we all no what its like xxx itl be ok xxx thats wat i tell myself yet im still crying :(
    itl be ok :s

  20. Lauren says:

    My hamster Snickers died last night, We don't know when but we know it was late at night because we went to check on him at 12.00am and he was laid there with his eyes open completly motionless, I refused to believe he was dead so I stood and tapped at the cage. My dad picked him up, he said he was still soft but very cold, I was in tears and I couldn't sleep I did manage to go to sleep but I woke up very early. My dad put him in a box this morning, he said he was stiff but he looked very peaceful, He is being buried tonight. I feel really selfish because I went to the movies and I could of been spending my time with snickers in his final moments. He was a syrian hamster, 2 and just short of 5 months I miss him so, he will always be my little spider-ham
    R.I.P Snicky-baby
    Snickers Dennis Waudby 27 of March 2005 - 21 of August 2007
    Found dead around 12.00 this morning.
    I miss you darling!
    R.I.P to Snickers and all the dead hamsters of the world
    Snickers you are the only hamster for me.

  21. Caitlyn says:

    my hamster died last night i did not know he died until i went downstairs to get a broom from the basment. i started to go upstairs until i saw somthing white and pink. i walked bck down the stairs and saw him. i thought the little critter was dead i screamd quietly and ran upstairs i got a broom. i touched him with the broom and he did not moved. I ran upstairs crying. we think he fell down the stars and brook his neck or somthing. i miss him very much

  22. Caitlyn says:

    R.I.P Hmmy i love u so much

  23. Thanh says:

    That sucks soo bad, my hamster died this morning. Me and my girl bought a White Russian like 4-5 months back and named it Dotti. Around 3 PM yesterday she was normal, but when I came back from work 4 hours later, she was bleeding a lot and had trouble breathing. I took her to the hospital and they assumed that she had a heart disease or something. At first I thought she was choking on a seed, cause her neck seem cut. But the DR later told me that the blood was coming from it's nose. So the hospital kept her overnight then they called in the morning and told me the bad news.

    I miss her sooo much, now all I have is an empty cage that will only give me memories. I remember all the fun and cute things it did, it climbing up and down on it's cage just to be fed. The hamster's wheel which constantly keeps me awake. No more of that, typing this is so hard. I can never buy another hamster to replace Dotti, she was like family and we all loved her.

  24. Jasmine says:

    My hamster died yesterday.
    Her name was Cloud. (yeah dumb name i know)
    i miss her lots she was only about 13 months old.

  25. Gemma says:

    I think my hamster is dying, I woke up this morning and looked in his cage, he normally sits up and greets me. He's just lying in his bed, it looked like he wasnt breathing so i tapped on the cage, this normally rustles him, still nothing. So i blew on him to see if i could get any movement and got nothing. I was absolutely devastated and rang my fiance, then as i moved some of his bedding he took a large deep breath. Fantastic, but then nothing, he looks so still and every now and then he takes a deep breath. He's been a little poorly for a while but yesterday he was roaming round his cage, drinking and coming to see what food i'd put in for him. So he seemed fine yesterday, but this morning.......maybe he's hibernating.....i dont know, I dont want him to die. I've had him for almost 3 year so i know he's rather old. If he does die i hope it's in his sleep. I'm going to miss him dearly.

  26. Kristy says:

    One of my hamsters died yesterday. I don't know when she died though.
    I knew she was not doing well, but did not show me any evidence at all before she died.
    We originally adopted two hamsters. One male, and one female. They were getting along very very well in the same cage, and seemed like they loved each other a lot.
    A month later, the female got pregnant and then gave birth to seven baby hammies.
    They were so adorable. A month later, we took baby hammies to petshop, keeping one male baby hammy with its parents. Then we found the female got pregnant again, so we bought another cage and seperated the female to prevent her from getting pregnant again. She had eight babies this time. Ever since then, she was kept alone in her own cage, while daddy hamster and his son were kept in same cage.
    Being alone, lonely, she really loved her master (and her hand). Unlike male hamsters in the other cage, whenever I go close to her cage, she seemed like begging for my attention. Whenever she saw me near her cage, she would stand on her two feet holding the cage bars, and when I open the cage she would jump into my hand.
    I feel really sorry for not being there at her last moment.
    I really miss her a lot.

  27. gabby says:

    my other hamster died yestiday :( i'll miss him so much R.I.P Ginger

  28. gabby says:

    my hamster died today :( R.I.P ginger

  29. janet says:

    one of my hamster died today it was very sad
    i came out to feed them when i noticed that one of them (panda)
    was lying and and havent moved for a while.
    so i icked her up and she wasnt moving
    so i took her in my room and tried to help by waking her up
    sonce its beginnig to get cold i thought she was about to hibernate
    i woke her up she opened her eyes moved a little and stopped
    then i tried to wake  her up agin thinking that i could
    i even went og the computer to see some stuff about hibernatting hamsters said that when hibernatting hamsters appears to look dead but they actually arent and if you warmthem up they would soon wake up so my sister and i tred it but it didnt woke also said that their whiskers move and they breathe but panda didnt do any of that
    her body was stiff and she wasnt moving anymore she was all cold and lifeless
    my litle sister had nothing to do but to put her in a box and let her rest in peace

    i love you panda


  30. Melody says:

    My hamster died 2 days ago, it was lying still and pale in its cage. Her name was Hamtoro. (I know, bad name to call a FEMALE hamster) I couldn't stop crying since. I'm not eating, at all, and I don't know why. She lived a long live of 2 years... I loved her and couln't bear to get another hamster.

  31. chrisrolly says:

    hiya omg im so upset my daughters hamster died this morning i havnt a clue what happened its her birthday in a few days she is going to be so upset when she comes from school the hamster was fine last night chewing on the cage like normal trying to get out and when i went in my daughters room this morning she was liying in her bed with no coverings over her when i put my hand in to cover her she was still i puck her up and every min or so gasped for a breath then after a few mins took no more i carnt believe it she was perfect last night im so sad its the first hamster we have had that didnt bit and loved to be held she was only 6 months old and no sign of illness at all xxx

  32. Cherry says:

    I sat with my 3yr old hamster Rolo for most of the night last night as he lay dying... an experience that will trouble me for a long time I think!

    I found him last night under his wheel where he never goes, he was breathing fast and looked very weak. His eyes were all squinty and strange looking and he scared me!

    I told my teen daughter to give him a hamster choc (his fave) to see if he was off his food and he reluctantly tried to take it. When he did though, he dropped it and didn't seem to be able to see to pick it up so he gave up and went back under the wheel.

    I called the vets but got nowhere really even though I knew he was dying they told me to bring him in the morning... i knew he wouldn't make it that long, and what I wanted was for a vet to confirm he was dying then put him to sleep. I didnt want to have to sit and watch him die slowly. I wrapped him up and sat with him on my lap for a while on the sofa. He seemed uncomfortable though so I put him back in his cage.

    I fell asleep near him on the sofa for a while but I woke myself up not long after and tried to give him some water but he refused and turned his head. I even sang to him as I always did to try to make him feel safe but he still looked awful. There was no lid on his cage as I'd removed it and as I was putting the water bottle down he came to me and reached his nose to me as if he was trying to tell me something so I stroked him and talked to him until he turned and went to lay down again.

    I walked away for 5 minutes to check on the internet what time the vets would open in the morning and when I looked back, he'd gone... He finally looked comfortable.

    Even though he was old and I knew he was dying, I wasn't expecting to feel as sad as I do today. I have just buried him about half an hour ago and I feel like I'm going to miss my little friend a lot!

    R.I.P Rolo I loved you my cute little ball of fluff!! xx

  33. ♥el says:

    My baby hamster died this morning, and although i'd only had her for a week, i became really attatched to her! She always was very quiet... but i just thought that was her nature. I cannot say that i loved her, but when i went to wake her up this morning i realised she wasn't moving and was dead. I only saw the back of her and was surprised that i wasn't more upset.. but as soon as i turned her over and saw that adorable little face of hers i just burst into tears. I hope this helps everyone to come to terms with their losses, and i am just glad that i hadnt had her for longer and grown more and more attatched to her and then had to see her die. I hadn't even had a chance to think of a suitable name for her yet.. so RIP baby hamster ♥

  34. wes says:

    I lost my hamster yesterday me and my best friend buried her and made her a tombstone  I could not help but crying all last night I have haad her for a little over 3 years long which was pretty amazing.(hamsters are not sposed 2 live that long!!!!!!) I am only 10 I was not surprised when I woke up and went 2 her cage 2 play with her when I noticed she was not moving and and was not breathing I loved her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cried and and and cried I am so sorry 2 all people whos hamster has died on this web page

  35. Im very very sad for your loss my hamster Kaiba died last night, I cried so much and still do he was my only dwarf hamster and he was about 2 years old I miss him cudling with me and his whiskers againt my face :(

  36. ambrose says:

    little George passed away on monday 15th october, he was my girlfriends pet but i loved the little fella.
    he died from a  cold, i feel guilty because if we got him to the vet earlier he might have made it.
    watching him suffer and struggle to breathe towards the end broke my heart. he was 2 so was getting old but it really got to me.
    we buried him in a box in the grounds of the house we live in where we can see his resting place from our balcony.
    he's wrapped in a blanket with one of his favourite  honeysticks.
    he was my friend and my first pet.

    i miss you George.
    rest in peace.
    hopefully we'll meet again in the next life.

  37. kymie says:

    Hi, My name is kayla my fish died.He was my most favourite fish because he lived for 3 years. He died when I was at my cousin's house. I gave my fish to my maggie so she could take care of it. But when I came back home my friend maggie called me saying that my fish died. I was crying so much but I didn't tell her. He died because he wasn't used to being in a small tank so he died.     
                                                                      Best wishes in hevan

  38. Jamie says:

    Hi my name is Jamie. Today my hamster died her name was sprite. She was one of the best hamsters ever she died of cancer :( It made me so sad to wach my hamster die. She was on  the ground and could not move she  could not make it to her water dish or her food boul.So she soon died it was hard to wach. After she died we put her in a nice box that i had made for her. It had her name on it. We put the body of sprite in the box and also put all the notes we had made for her. I will miss her alot. From Jamie Bye bye forever!

  39. kerry says:

    my brothers hamster ate my hamster (belle) 2 days ago and i still can't stop crying it's every time i think about her she was well trained and had a personality and loved to be held, because the body was all decomposed my mum wouldn't let me bury her properly. i blame myself for her death because i let my brother loose with her i'm not getting another hamster because i'm not very good at coping with death and other hamster could ever take her place

  40. Steph. says:

    Aww thats sad.

    I only just got my hamster two days ago, its 9 weeks old and I really wouldn't want it to die.
    Even though it has bit me. But its getting tame :)

    Hamsters are good pets.

  41. bernard says:

    my hamster died last night from the cat he was called buzz we had a special relation ship because yester day we were braking sun flower seeds up for him to eat.i also bought a hamster ball for him i almost puted him every day in it he really liked it and when i found out he was dead i cried so long that my mum mu sent go to school he died in 23 of October 2007.

  42. bernard says:

    my hamster died last night from the cat he was called buzz we had a special relation ship because yester day we were braking sun flower seeds up for him to eat.i also bought a hamster ball for him i almost puted him every day in it he really liked it and when i found out he was dead i cried so long that my mum did not want me to go to school. He always buzz when somebody touch him accept me. 
    I will miss him

  43. bernard says:

    my hamster died last night from the cat he was called buzz we had a special relation ship because yester day we were braking sun flower seeds up for him to eat.i also bought a hamster ball for him i almost puted him every day in it he really liked it and when i found out he was dead i cried so long that my mum did not want me to go to school. He always buzz when somebody touch him accept me. 
    I will miss him so very much and no hamster will ever replace him.but i now that he will always be with me in my heart.
    R.I.P and now that i will remember you always.

  44. Bethany says:

    Hi, I am soo sorry for those whos hamsters have passed away:(

    My last hamster, I had him for a week because my aunt had one and i was soo desparate to have a hammie but my dad wouldn't let me. So, I looked after my aunt's to see if i could cope with a hamster in my lifestyle. After a week, the hamster died:(. The hamster died on my birthday so i cried on my birthday:(

    My mum told my friends mum and she knocked on my door and turned up with a tiny 6-week-old hamster. He was soooo... cute. The BEST birthday present I have ever had. He used to squeak as he was a little baby still.

    Blondie (my hamster) was so.. tame. He used to do monkey bars at the top of his cage and fall so i would be there to comfort him after. I used to get him out and put a little bit of water on my hand and Blondie would then lick it off.

    Blondie has lived a long and happy life as he is now 3 and a half nearly four believe it or not!!. He has lived through everything under the sun as the first week i had him my mum put a towel on the top of his cage and in the morning we woke up to see he had chewed the towel and the cotton had tangled his leg up and he had got it caught up and it had turned blue. He had a limp for about 2 weeks :(.

    My hamster has all of a sudden stopped running to the side of the cage to greet me when i come home from school. Over the past 2 weeks, Blondie has been acting strange and hasn't been coming over to me when i feed him his yoghurt drops. Blondie had cut himself and there was blood all over the cage, this was 3 days ago. I tried to get him out and put him in his playball so i could clean his cage. But, he didn't seem to move as he didn't have any energy. Not last night but the night before he had sat in one part of the cage and didn't move at all, i tried to touch him and blow a little air to check if he was alive but he didn't move an inch. He feels really hard and he was struggling to breath. He is now still sitting there laying on his side. His eye is huge and i think he is death and blind. I sat there all last night up to about 12:00 midnight waiting there by his side. But, I really don't want him to suffer, he is slowly dying at the present time and he isn't even blinking!

    It is a pity he is experiencing a bad ending. I would love to hear some comments back about Blondie's story.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this looooooooooonnnnnnnng story. 
            Bethany xxxx

  45. Hannah Howard says:

    My hamster,Gabby,just died about 7 weeks ago.She was my first hamster and I miss her so much.I was crying for about 2 hours after she died,and I only had her for 2 weeks.What happend was I went upstairs to my room after I got home from school.She was in the exact same spot that she was in the day before,so I opened the cage to get her out,but I was to afraid to touch her.I couldn't tell if she was breathing or not,so I made some and she still wouldn't move.Thats when I started to cry.I grabbed a pencil and touched very lightly.She was rock solid.My daddy buried her for me in the garden.Before she died,she got out of her cage 7 times.Thats half the time I had her!Now,I have a new hamster named Butterfinger,after my favorite candy!Butterfinger has just escaped from her cage while I was at school.Now she is loose somewhere around the house,and whenever I find her,I am going to take her back t the store to get a new one.Because if I don't,she might keep on getting out,and I would have to get rid of her.Plus,I have a cat,but he plays with her!But you never know what the cat might do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Jess says:

    Why does being a vegan make you understand the concept that "life is precious" more so than others who go ahead & indulge in eating whatever?

    From a vegetarian who only has a half understanding of "Carpe Diem".

  47. Jess:

    It doesn't, necessarily.  You have the causality backwards.  I felt that life was precious.  Therefore, I chose not to eat animals.  Others may make different choices, or reach different conclusions.  That's their right.

    Thanks for posting.

  48. Teri Vanderzwet says:

    Knowledge is a tree...
    is from the bible - Genesis

  49. Teri Vanderzwet says:

    My hamster died tonight.  About a year ago - my son gave her to me - since he was no longer able to care for her.
    He had named her Princess.  She was a sweet girl - and very fun to watch play in her cage.  I would take her out to the big ball so I could clean her cage and let her roll around the house.  My little Yorkie would have fun chasing her - but I knew she was safe in the ball.  Well, she started acting funny about a week ago.....just laying around near her food - straight out  - not curled up in her "nest" in a corner where she usually stayed all day.  She could barely walk.  I took her out and checked everywhere.  Her tail was ok.  I couldn't find anything.  A few days later - she looked ok - and was eating raisins.  But today, I saw her laying there, breathing rapidly, and she felt cold.  I held her and wrapped her in a towel.  She crawled over and laid her head on my arm.  She was struggling to breathe.  I watched her gasped a few times.  Her eyes opened.  And then she was still.  I'm heartbroken.  I feel that I could've done something to save her.  Thanks for listening.

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