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My hamster died

My hamster died last week.  This was especially hard as Jennifer's died the week before.  We found Jennifer's in the morning, cold and rigid in her nest, and we took her out to bury her.  For my hamster, though, it was different.

Last Thursday evening, Jennifer called me at work and told me that she thought the hamster was dead.  This impacted me, but I had an important presentation the next day and needed to stay and finish it.  I tried to keep my mind off of it.  Fifteen minutes later Jenn called back and told me that she wasn't sure it was dead, that it seemed to be moving, and asked me to come home.

He was not doing well.  He was breathing very shallowly and infrequently.  He did not seem responsive.  When I picked him up, he opened his eyes and squirmed a little.  Jenn told me that was the most she had seen him move yet.

He looked like he did not have very long.  I held him and stroked him and tried to keep him awake.  I blew some air at him regularly.  I strongly believed he would not come out of this.  An hour later I decided I needed to hear it from someone else.  I took him to the animal hospital in town.  They agreed.

I took him home, made a small blanket out of fabric, kept him warm and kept stroking him.  His breathing was becoming increasingly strained.  His breath rattled, and after a certain point he made a little squeak at each breath.  I was an emotional wreck.  I held him for nearly two and a half hours in total.  He would breathe every ten seconds or so.  His final breath did not seem any different.  He just inhaled and never exhaled.  We buried him that night.

Life is precious.  I, as a vegan, try to live this concept in everyday life.  The hamster lived for fifteen months, enough time for me to bond but not long enough for the death to be understandable.  He had a personality.  He displayed curiosity.  He had goals and made efforts.  He was alive.

I miss him.

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Edit 2010-01-11: This new hamster friend of mine is not likely to die.  I keep him on my Google Desktop and play with him through the day.  It's surprisingly satisfying:

You can find the hamster's page at

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  1. says:

    I'm so sorry, @Melanie.  It's so sad, isn't it?

  2. Melanie says:

    Yes its Sunday now its raining hard and he's buried in the garden, he should be up here with us on his wheel - how long does it take before the pain goes away?

  3. Carrie says:

    my sons little hamster Messi died on the 11th Sept and i'm still finding it really hard, he was my baby and he was the most friendly hamster in the world, he would sit on your knee and lick your hand and he never bit anyone ever.What makes it worse is that he was his normal active self, we were playing with him on the floor when he went under the drawers where he used to go to wash in private and he never came out, i looked under about a minute later and he was just lying on his side with his eyes open and i knew he had gone, i picked him up and we put him in a box filled with bedding and his favourite toys and we sat with him all night until next morning when we took him to the vets to be cremated, i didn't want to bury him in our garden because we have a lot of foxes and i didn't want him disturbed. He was only 23 months old and I'm trying to take comfort in the fact he went quickly and didn't suffer and we know exactly when he died but it doesn't help. My daughter has Messi's sister Poppy and now I'm terrified of losing her too especially as she hasn't been very active lately and has started to hiss at us when you lift the lid to her house which she never did before. I feel so bad that I have caused this much pain to our family as the hamsters were my idea and my son is heartbroken, he won't let me move the cage in his bedroom yet but this makes it worse as i expect him to be there. We have loads of photos and videos of Mess and i do enjoy watching them and remembering him and the funny things he did but there's no more hamsters for us I'm afraid, its too painful losing them. RIP Messi xxxxx

  4. Margaret says:

    Carrie, 23 months is a good age for a hamster and it sounds like you gave him a great life. Don't feel bad about putting your family through grief. It is important for children to experience grief and the permanence of death because we all have to face it throughout our lives. They will have also learnt a lot about loving and caring. We've had four hamsters in the last five years and the current one is about 26 months now and I know the inevitable will happen and we shall grieve again. However, we have always found comfort in getting a new hamster. They all have such different personalities. My daughters are 11 and 13 now and they understand that they should make the most of enjoying Banjo whist he is with us. I hope your pain lessens by the day.

  5. Carrie says:

    Thanks Margaret for your kind words, i know he had a good life and if there's such a thing a good ending as well with no suffering,  I hope Banjo has many more good months left for you to enjoy.............

  6. JenJen says:

    9/27/10 was a record heat in Fallbrook, Ca. My 11 year old's guinea pig Brownie died of hyperthermia. All of my brother's hamsters died too. What the hell!!!  I cried every time she cried and then her sister started crying too. But I noticed hubby didn't cry. What the hell?
    Soooo painful to lose a pet and so painful to watch your children grieve, but it is part of life. Cherish everything when it's here, it's not forever.

  7. says:

    Hi @JenJen.  So sorry about your hammies.  I'm in L.A. County, too, and what a horrific scorcher.  But I as complaining about sweating and sunshine -- I didn't have pets die!  Horrid.

  8. Teresa says:

    I feel so bad I let my daughter get a baby hamster teddy bear was probably 3-4 weeks old they werent sure but was very tiny we had it for 4 days and she died. This morning she woke up to find her cold so I warmed her up thinking she got cold and was hibernating then I got a new cage cause the one wasnt able to keep her warm enough got home she was acting cold again warmed up and then I fell asleep checked on her right before daughter came home and she was not acting right same at the morning but had diarhea tried to take to vet got to vet and she died 5 mins later in my hands. I feel so bad for ever letting my daughter get her we did get another one thats an adult im praying this one is okay.

  9. michael says:

    my hamtser dead on the 1st of october because i droped it by acctent im very very upset it dread, i tryed to take my life because i took my hamsters life, i diden't mean to drop him, im so so so sad, i miss him so so so much i really do, i wish i could turn back time, i got a new one but its just not the same, like the old one that dead , used to come and out have a drink and eat some food then go back tso bed, im missing him so so much and i just dont no how to get over it

  10. Margaret says:

    Our poor hamster Banjo died in the early hours of Monday 11th October. A week before he died, he developed some growths on his skin then he started favouring his left front paw which swelled up over a few days. We think it may have been a big growth inside or else a broken bone, though he could put some weight on it. I had taken him to the vet about a sore on his skin the day before he started limping and I got the impression from the vet that hamsters over two years are not a good anaesthetic risk.

    Although he couldn't grip his food Banjo was reluctant to let me help him feed at first, but he soon realised I wasn't interested in his broccoli and let me hold his food while he nibbled away. He was still mooching about his cage on the Saturday but by the evening I could see that he had lost that sparkle of life in his eyes. He was unable to move himself by Sunday morning so I put him in his travel box and took him out for a cuddle and to offer water and food every so often. I will never forget the look in his eyes as he struggled on breathing. It felt like an eternity at the time, but looking back death came fairly quick. He had slipped away by 5am. Banjo, you gave us so much pleasure and we will never forget you. RIP.

    We bought a new hamster named Smokey, because he is a dark grey colour. He's already showing his individual personality being very vocal with squeaks and a strange clicking noise that sounds like echo-location.

  11. Alyssa says:

    Last night, my boyfriend and I found our baby dwarf hamster, Teddy, dead. He was a little dwarf hamster about 25 months old and an amazing pet. My boyfriend and I had decided to get Teddy about a year into our relationship to prepare us for future responsibilities. We loved Teddy and he seemed to really love us. Anytime we were near his cage, he'd wake up and crawl up to us trying to get us to open the cage and hold him. He loved being held and playing with us. A few months ago, we thought he was getting sick. He started drinking A LOT of water and peeing just as much. We took him to the vet, not sure what was wrong and not ready to lose our little guy. The doctor didn't really know what was wrong with him but gave us some medicine to give him twice a day. He loved his medicine and would wrap his little hands around the syringe as we dripped the medicine into his mouth. We noticed he had started getting better. A few weeks ago, he was back to 100% health. He was active, happy, not drinking as much water and always playing. He started getting real adventurous, climbing up the wires of the cage and constantly trying to get out attention. His cage setup had two shelves, one tube up would take him to his food on the other side, his water. His wheel was in between the two shelves and he was starting to walk across his wheel to get from one shelf to the other. It was so funny seeing him do that, but it was scary at the time. My boyfriend and I worried about him getting hurt but never thought much more of it. The night of Saturday, October 16th, he was more excited and adventurous than usual. He was climbing all over the place and just full of energy. We played with him for a little bit then told him we'd clean him tomorrow. My boyfriend got a dog a couple of weeks ago and joked about how Teddy would probably outlive our puppy since he was so full of life. Last night, I went to check on him before we were going to clean him and I could not find him. He wasn't in his house, he wasn't in his usual corner of his cage, he wasn't eating, he wasn't drinking, he was nowhere to be found. I screamed to my boyfriend "uhh babe, where's Teddy?" He replied with a "what do you mean where's Teddy?" He walked over to the cage where I was standing and we began to frantically look for our little hamster. How the heck could he have gotten out?? We pulled the cage away from the wall and theww the towel off the cage. At the exact same moment, my boyfriend and I had spotted Teddy's trapped body behind his wheel, wedged between the wires. We stood there for a second both in disbelief then just dropped to the floor sobbing. How? Why? How come he didn't squeal? How could he have gotten stuck in that tight little space?? Our poor little Teddy must've tried to climb across his wheel and slipped. It's assumed that he suffocated back there. My boyfriend and I are 21 and 22 years old and we can't stop crying and can't stop hurting. He was so young and so full of life. He was our little baby and we loved him so much. I just don't understand how an $8 hamster can bring so much sadness. I don't think it would have been so bad if it had been a natural death, but something so bizarre just really hurts. I can't get the image of my little guy stuck behind his wheel out of my head. RIP Teddy, we miss you so much..

  12. Sharon says:

    I found my little dwarf hamster Chubby this morning, curled up in her little fleece hamster bed under her igloo buried in bedding, just like she slept in every night. I think she died peacefully in her sleep. She wasn't sick or anything - just yesterday she was running in her wheel, digging in her food dish throwing her seeds all over,and climbing up the side of her cage. I adopted her at the beginning of the summer from someone who said she was just kept in a laundry room in her cage and no one really paid attention to her b/c they didn't have time. She had so much love to give, and had a great personality, and I really loved here -- even though I thought I'd never love a hamster that much. I think she was a little over a year old, but I'm not sure b/c the woman I adopted her from wasn't sure when she got her. I'm glad I found this site -- b/c I thought I was the only 40 year old woman that would get upset over a hamster -- but I'm not alone. It's winter here, so the ground is frozen - I'm hoping I can bury her tomorrow, but right now she is in the freezer -- I kept her in her little fleece bed covered under wood shavings like she likes (and I put both in a pretty little box tied with a ribbon. RIP little Chubby -- you will be missed, and I really hope you know how much I loved you even though I worked a lot and didn't always have a lot of time to spend with you :) Goodbye little girl!

  13. says:

    No, @Sharon, you're not alone in this.  Living creatures are awesome.  Death is horrible.  I'm glad you got to share the planet with Chubby, if only for a little while, and she with you.

  14. Sharon says:

    Thanks.  I hope the last half of her life was better than the first (where she didn't get much attention). I did give her a lot of treats and tried to give her love every day. :)  I have 2 chinese dwarfs, Hamm Hamm and Pumpkin, but they are way calmer than Chubby was, she was just full of personality - so I will probably get another of her type eventually. FYI the little hamster app on the top of the page is so cute! I have made igoogle my home page! Thanks for this site -- and if you ever need any writing or graphic design for it, count me in!

  15. Rita says:

    my hamster just died yesterday (sunday)i am only 9 what do u think i should do?

  16. Rita says:

    my hamster died just yesterday (sunday) what should i do im just 9?

  17. Anita says:

    My six year old's sons hamster died on friday. He has been acting weird. He was always frantically running around his cage like he was desperate to get out, and then I found him trapped betwen the cage and his wheel. He had got his arm caught in the wheel and couldn't get it loose. I sobbed when I found him and cut him free. He had blood all over his chest and it looked like he tried to chew his arm off. I took him to the vet for him to put him to sleep and the wondeful vet tried to save him. He performed surgery on him. I saw him later that afternoon and he was in pain and making tiny squeeking noises. He recognised my voice and lifted his head. He died later that night. I am so heartbroken. RIP Tonto, we miss you :-(

  18. Spice says:

    My little baby Spice was a golden blonde syrian-dwarf Hamster, she was only 6 months old (But she looked older to me), I bought her with another hamster named Pumpkin (Pumpkin, Spice) on March 25 2011. She always didn't eat much, but she was alot bigger than her sister, I wasn't sure if she was a Dwarf or not, or if she was really 6 months old. She was so sweet and never bit, she never made noise and she had the cutest red-velvet eyes. Around 5:40 AM June 30, 2011 she started to squeek in her sleep, I paniced and ran over to the cage, Pumpkin was ontop of Spice as if she was trying to help her out, when I saw Spice she was on her side gasping for air, I immediately knew she was in hibernation. I grabbed her out of her cage and tried to warm her up, put my arms around her, trying to wake her out of it, but all failed and she passed away in my hands 5:53 am.

    Pumpkin and Spice used to play around in their bed as they slept, they would squeak and pounce each other, now I hear Pumpkin alone, squeaking as if her sister is still there.

    :*( R.I.P. Spice, March 25, 2011 - June 30, 2011 5:53 Am.


  19. Cassie says:

    My hamster, Sophie just died earlier this morning. She would have been 2 on September 20th. She was old and I knew she would die eventually but I didn;t think she would this soon. She stopped going on here wheel a few months ago even. Today I saw her up out of her igloo where she sleeps over by her tunnel, I figured she would be going to get a drink. I didn't know that would be the last time I saw her alive. A few minutes later I checked on her again, and I saw her in her igloo asleep or about to sleep. Then, 10 minutes later I found her outside her igloo, sort of stretched out, with her eyes still open, and I didn't even have to check her breathing to know my baby was gone. She had her head sort of buried in th wood chips and her face facing right out of her cage, towards my bed. I just buried her at about 5:30. I feel horrible. I know she lived a good life but I feel like I could of taken her out to play one last time and I could of saved her, or I could of fed her by hand and gave her water with a dropper in case she couldnt get to her food bowl or water bottle. I just miss my baby and want her back. I love you Sophie Bianca Bear, always know that and never forget it<3

  20. Michelle says:

    My son's first hamster died today, at 10:52am Central.  He is away on vacation for the Labor Day holiday but I stayed home to do things around the house.  He knows she was sick, I was trying to prepare him.  She was only  9 months old.  She has cancer but she has been very active and happy.  Yesterday was like any other day, she was happy and lively.  I took her out to hold her and give her some excercise, she seemed to enjoy this.  This morning before church I went over to check on her and she was lying half way in and half way out of her nest.  I thought she was dead at first but then I saw her breathe.  I thought that maybe she fell (she has a three story condo) and broke a leg or something.  I gave her one of her favorite strawberry yogurt snacks but she did not move.  I scouped her up and she looked at me, then laid her head back down.  I started petting her, comforting her, because I knew it was time (the vet had given her 2-6 weeks to live while at the doctors on Wednesday).  I started tearing up, it is so sad, we love her and all our pets.  People would say, "why are you spending so much money on vet bills for such an inexpensive pet?"
    I said, "She is family and we will do what we can as long as it is practicle for us." 
    She looked up again and made a few noises; I made some noises back.  She took three gasping breaths as I held her in my hands.  I tried calling my husband who was with the boys at their grandmas but couldn't get an answer.  I went downstairs to look up the vet's number and while I was there I felt a cold wetness, looked at her and she was gone.  I cried for that little girl but I am glad she is at peace.  She had a fun day yesterday and I guess that is all we can ask for.  She was a precious little girl and she will be missed.  I am glad I was here for her and not on vacation where she would die alone.  It is going to be hard telling my ten year old and this is why I found this site.  I have heart felt appreciation for all of you who are kind enough to love and mourn your little friend, I think it is right to show compassion to even God's smallest of creatures.

  21. Carmz says:

    My hamster Winnie crossed over to rainbow bridge on 30 September 2011 @ 12:15 pm :( It was such a devastating day for me but hammie was sick for 2 month's and we didn't know what was wrong with him because he had several ailments. I really do miss him and feel it's all my fault because he got ill just after I moved :( Rest in peace my sweet angel, mommy will always miss you and your memory will stay in my heart ALWAYS!

  22. Alejandro says:

    My hamster Manchita just passed away some hours ago.  We noticed that she was hungry and we gave her a small piece of sweet bread (as a treat).  It was a dry piece of bread, we noticed that there was something wrong because she started opening her mouth in weird ways.  I tried to give her water from my fingers so that she would drink some but she wouldn't.  I even tried to give her a small piece of banana thinking that it would help but she wouldn' even tried to sniff it.  I started seeing that she was gasping for air while I held her in my hands (which breaks my heart just remembering it). I felt useless since I couldn't do anything to save her.  I gave her mouth to mouth a couple of times hoping that it would help and squeezed her little lungs (gently) but nothing worked.  We buried her about an hour later and I still cannot believe what just happened.  I am a 25 year old married man and it amazes me how much we bonded to this wonderful little creature.  She was almost 3 years old and we named her Manchita which in spanish means "little spot".  I miss her so much already.  I am so sorry for everyone else's loss here from this website.

  23. Taylor says:

    My hamster has a benign tumor its really sad but it doesnt bother my syrian hamster carmel shes a girl shell  be 2 next month like i said it doesnt bother hershe goes about her life like usual like she doesnt have this giant lump on her side hopefully she ll make it past this..... I have noticed not many people are commenting come on people comment tell us your uamster stories! !!

  24. Emily says:

    i think my hamster died today. :( :( .cause when i woke up it was not moving and it was in its house unblinking. R.I.P roy... :(

  25. Margaret says:

    I care. I've read every post on here and understand the pain of loss of a beloved hamster. I've had my hamster, Smokey, for 15 months now and he is doing well if just a little more sleepy in these colder months. The strangest habit he has is that when he goes to pee he backs into the corner until his rear end is up the side of the cage. His cutest habit is when he climbs into my dressing gown sleeve then pokes out his head as if to say "I'm cozy" before falling asleep. Keep on going Smokey because you have a family that loves you!

  26. Addie says:

    Awwww.....I feel so sad for everyone here :'''( My very fist hamster ever just died like an hour ago. I knew it was her time to go and I knew she was going to die because when I tried to clean her cage Sunday she wasn't moving from her nest and when I touched her and when I tried to pick her up she flipped out and tried to bite me! She has never acted this way before in all the three years I had her she was the sweetest thing ever and never bit ANYONE! Usually she would have been playful and crazy but that day she was not she looked lethargic and when I tried to encourage her to move she would try a little to walk but would stumble insted and then collapse with exagustaon. I tried to feed her her favorite treat but she wouldn't take it and when she did she was too weak to even hold it up. Her eyes were squinted almost shut and didn't resopond to my touch like I wasn't even there. I knew she was going to die and I tried not to be too upset about it, and I honestly didn't think she would have made through Sunday and I'd wake up to a dead hamster but she surprised me and was still barley hanging on life by a thread. But by the time I got home from school she was balled up next her nest, stiff as a board. There I knew she was gone and I tried not to be too upset because I knew she was going to die when I got home, but when I picked up her cold little carcass, I burst into tears. All my memories with her swelled up inside me, all that we've been through, all the wonderful times I had with her. I know it sounds stupid to cry over a hamster but yes I did because she was not just a pet I has for three years since I was ten, but like my friend. She was there to comfert me when I was sad and her own funny personality.I loved her so much, and all the love she has filled in my heart has been replaced by a gaint hole as bare,empty and lifeless as her deserted cage. I stopped crying and hurting as much as I did earlier, but I still cant imagine what I'll feel like not to hear her wheel spinning all night... :'''(

  27. 2-24-12


                                                          SO ALL TO HAMSTERS DEATH

                                                          R  .      I      .      P    .                               

                                                                H A M S T E R S

  28. ALethea says:

    Our hamster died Friday, April 20, 2012.  Piper was so beautiful and loving.  I write this comment crying because our hearts are so heavy.  My daughter and I miss Piper so much. We truly loved her. I bought Piper for my daughter for Christmas, 2010.  We cannot believe she died so soon.  My daughter took good care of her.  Your post is an expression of my feelings for Piper. She died in my hand as well.  My daughter was crying and having a panic attack during her death.  However, I wanted to be there for Piper. I stroked her softly as she was exiting our lives.  It may sound silly to some, but a pet, no matter what it is, becomes a part of your family.  Although, your post made me cry, it was comforting too.  I am going to let my daughter read it in the morning.  She will enjoy your hamster friend.  Thank you for sharing.

  29. Deborah Raper says:

    I'm nearly 40 and I thought I was the only person who suffered major grief at the loss of a hamster. Several people have actually burst into fits of laughter when I told them how distraught I was over my tiny little dwarf hamster's death. He was lovely. We had him for only a week but he had personality, he recognized my voice when I called to him and climbed into my hand after living with us for only two days. Poor little hamster didn't stand a chance against my, neglecting to shut the door, husband and two ,into absolutely everything, cats. It's a sad time at our house. I'm going to have a small cry now. Thanks so much for sharing you stories of hamster love.

  30. Margaret says:

    Poor Smokey had to be put to sleep today. He was fit and healthy as he turned two last month, however, little did we know an adrenal tumour was growing inside him resulting in hair loss, lax muscle tone and causing big sores to develop on his dried-out skin. When he started to develop mobility problems over the weekend we decided the vet was the best option. The poor little old fellow is now at rest. Thanks for the good times and sharing your life with us Smokey. We all love you dearly!

  31. Felicia says:

    My "jagger" just died and Im on here trying to find help.  Ive cried until I cant cry anymore.  My heart is totally shattered.  Im 40 years old and have cried like a child.  She was like no other hamster, besides her mate, Mic.  I bought Mic and Jagger together as a pair and had them for 1 1/2 years.  Mic died 2 months ago by my mistake that devastated me.  I had bought a cage that was defective and he got loose.  One of my ferrets killed him.  I found him and that set off a domino effect I will never get over.  My husband bought me another hamster, it wasnt mic, but I bonded with him, fell in love with him.  Jagger didnt care for him though.  He got we tail and I didnt know.  He died at the vet this past monday.  Now Mic and Jaggers daugher, Desi is sick with wet tail as well.  She is the daughter of the two most precious beings Ive ever had the honor of loving.  Im holding on tight that she survives.  Right now my heart is totally broken.  My husband is going to bury Jagger with Mic.  Now, I know that sounds a bit odd, but he is going to dig up Mic and place him in with Jagger in their nest they slept in so that they can be together again.  They were Syrians, who usually cant live together, but they were like husband and wife.  I truly believe the stress of losing him sent her into sickness.  Im so sick.  I guess messaging someone who felt the same way about theirs makes me feel alittle better.  Im sorry for your loss.  Tonight I held  jagger as she gasped for air and i will never forget how that sounded, and to watch suffer like that.  Ive been nursing her for days, with antibiotics and pedialyte, etc.  When my son died, he gasped that same way and it brought back all that pain all over again.  :(

  32. Nuggets best friend says:

    Nugget was a pretty little golden Syrian hamster. He was the cutest thing I had ever seen. On the day of a large snowstorm, he was huddled under some straw and we thought he was just hiding. The next day, I went to school again. I never knew he was dead. I came back and then an hour later my mom told me he was dead. I am still crying even after 2 days. We can't have a funeral for him because the ground outside is frozen solid :(. I can't stop crying and I am always thinking about him. I don't want to replace him because I would feel bad. To me it's like you are saying "You're not special, I can get as many of you as I want." He absolutely loved carrots and he had a special corner for them. Once he escaped for one day and hid under a couch. My mom was in that room and she felt like she was being watched. When I came to him he ran towards me :'). Another time he escaped for three days. I thought we had lost him forever, but he ended up under another couch! Again, he ran toward me. On the first day I got him, I took him out of his box and he clung to my hair. I remember he wouldn't go near me at first so I thought he hated me but then he got used to me and he started to eat out of my hand. It was so funny and adorable when you ate the carrot. You would put the whole thing in your mouth and take it to your special corner. I really loved him and I miss him so much I can't forget him. I wish I could see him just one more time.. he brought the most joy to me. He made me so happy and I prefered him over anyone or anything. I love you, I love you, I love you. I can't say how much I do. I hope you know that I am thinking about you and same with my mom. I am sorry if you were not happy and if I scared you but if I did I never meant it. I have never been this sad and I hope you will remember me too. Sorry for not letting you out of your cage a lot. He wasn't even a year old. R.I.P. Nugget - February 21st, 2013 - 2/21/13 - I will never forget you ;'(. If you wish to see his flawless little face, here are some pictures below - you will fall in love with him immediately, I promise. (look at his little paw );)

  33. Taylor says:

    I know how you feel! Well my hamster had 7 beautiful babies. There was a runt who was not in the nest with the other babies, but i had showed her where it was by lcalling her to that area.. hen she got out not a day after giving birth! I was really worried because I have 2 dogs and she left behind 7 mouths that needed to be fed. I looked everywhere for her that morning, but she was no where to be found. When I got home from school I fed them and placed a heating pad under them. I did this for another day. I picked out the runt and i named it #4. i kept telling the baby that it was going to make it and live the best like ever. then one night at 5 am my dad came up and he had found her. I went to place the babies in her cage away from the heating bad and there were only 3
    babies living and one was the runt, #4. One of the babies was just so hungry it just too one last breath and died in my hands. I felt so bad and I was bawling. She took them back then the next day only one was living and that was #4. she lives to this day and is the kindest cutesy hamster ever, but I still feel those 6 deaths were my fault. :(

  34. Lyra says:

    My hamster died yesterday... ;(
    His name was Fluffy and he was a beautiful long haired Syrian. He lived a long life - he was already a year old when I rescued him from less than ideal conditions, and his passing didn't appear to be painful and he went quickly.
    But I miss him so very much... He was my best friend, my little fluffy wuffy and now he's gone. Im planning on getting a new pet tomorrow. I know it's soon but I think it'll help me heal, though of course it could never replace him. But I don't think he'd want me to be sad, think he'd want be to move on... I love you, my little boy, I'll never forget you... Though you only inhabited such a small portition of my life, you left your mark. Rest in peace, little guy. We'll find each other someday, in the afterlife. I have faith in that. I love you.  I should be sleeping right now but I just can't - I was fine today but then I though of you, of how you always comforted me whenever I was sad but now you can't , of how how your tiny little feet felt on my hands, of your luxuarious fur, of how you used to annoy me with your endless bar biting at night no matter how many items I gave to amuse youbut now I would do anything to have you here and biting them...

  35. Molly says:

    My Harry died on 19th October 12.20am.  He was 22 months old.  He had a respiratory infection in September but after a course of antibiotics from the vet, he seemed to recover.  A few days before his death he became lethargic and his breathing was audible and seemed to be an effort for him.  The vet said it was his heart failing.  I held him for 5 hours wrapped in a warm fleece and he fell asleep in my arms.  His breathing became increasingly laboured, and there were longer gaps between each breath until he breathed his last.  We buried him in the garden with beautiful white flowers (Harry was a white Syrian) on top of his grave.  I miss him so much.  He was my friend and had such a lively personality.  He used to love running around the lounge and would often sleep on my lap.  He had the most gorgeous little face.  I will always miss him.  Rest in peace Harry old friend!

  36. Payton says:

    My poor baby Dot passed in her sleep last night. Yesterday I found her stretched out on her side and breathing very heavy. When I picked her up it looked like she had a mass inside her belly, and it had bursted. I knew she didn't have much time left. I made her as comfortable as possible. She refused to eat and drink. Before I went to sleep last night I held her and told her I loved her and that it was okay for her to pass on. I miss her so much... rest in peace my little angel.

  37. sammmm says:

    My hamster died this evening..
    He had gammy eyes for days but they seemed to be getting a bit better with the eye drops i got for him. He hadn't eaten and i tried everything - museli,  fruit, even his favourite treats which are honey coated from pets at home.
    He wouldn't drink and wouldn't let me get a syringe in his mouth for me to give him any water. His bodywas really weak this morning, he was laid on his side and moved slightly to huddle in a corner where he would breathe funny.

    tonight, I got home from work and laid him on my lap, he decided to lay upside down and kept opening his mouth - gasping for air.

    half an hour later, he sadly passed away. Can anyone PLEASE tell me why this is?! I did take him to the vets but they only gave me eye treatment.  Surely there was an underlying problem?

    he was 3 and a half year old.

  38. jade jackson says:

    Hello I understand what ur going through my pet hamster cookie died in my arms 2 weeks ago and we had another one called jet he was going about the same age as each other which is 2 years and 3 months he died gasping for air , then last night my sisters hamster was having breathing problems and couldn't walk without getting breathless ,we knew that this was the time for him but he would normally get better over the day or so but this time he didn't. We feel so lost without him and he was the only link that we had left to cookie and now he is gone and I don't know what I am going to do without him , it's just so unfair about how he died can somebody help me understand why he died in that Way and why he was gasping for airc

  39. Yvette says:

    These stories of love are truly amazing and touch my heart.  I am 47 years old and bought a hamster for my kids 4 months ago.  However, I am the one truly attached and in love with him.  He escaped from his cage 2 weeks ago and there has been no trace of him ever since.  I have tried all the suggestions on the internet, but I had an immediate feeling I would never see him again.  I am devastated at the loss, and yes, others don't understand.  My mind races with all the horrible things that could have happened to him, I am grieving but the loss seems open ended.  Like some of you have commented, there is the guilt as well about buying the wrong kind of cage to where the tunnel attachment came loose in the middle of the night.  He broke his foot several months ago and I have been caring for him ever since, treating his stump with cream, and giving him medicine and lots of love.  I truly love and miss him.  My kids have not been affected, it is I who cry for hours every day.  He depended on me and I let him down.

  40. Pattie says:

    If you are feeling guilt.....DON' did the best you could!
    Only those who don't care don't feel guilt. 

    Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because it Happened....Dr. Suess

    Sending love out to all the small animal lovers around the world.  XOXO

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